I thought there was still time to save the pecans. My intention was to use them up in an applesauce bar, but by the time I went to get them they were dead. The killer-moths had gotten to them.

I obviously try very hard  to use things up before they go bad, but sometimes I’m thwarted. It reminds me of those detective shows where no matter how great the lead characters are at solving crimes, there’s a huge body count by the time they figure out that the music store owner with the nice way about him is the serial killer they’ve  been searching for.

I planned on baking the applesauce bars because we have a huge container of it in our fridge and there is nothing as saddening as the line crust of green/black mold that will appear at the top of the jar when it goes bad. I was intent on using as much of the applesauce as possible, to use the last egg, and even though the recipe called for craisins, I’d use up the last of the raisins. The ingredients also included walnuts, but pecans would do nicely.

Kurt pre-heated the oven, and I got my pan greased.  I mixed some softened butter, brown sugar and egg until smooth. I added applesauce. In another bowl, I put some whole wheat flour, some all-purpose flour together with spices and baking soda. I added the flour to the butter mixture and added in the raisins. All was going smoothly until I opened the partially opened bag of pecans and realized that they had been destroyed and that there was no saving them.

I threw some peanuts in instead. I was so discouraged by the murder of the pecans that I didn’t even chop the peanuts and just put the mixture into the pan.  I baked this far-from-the-original-recipe bars  for about 30 minutes.

When the pan cooled, I frosted them. I know, I’m not a big froster, because frankly I’m not great at it, and I usually want to avoid even more sugar. I  felt sorry for the bars, as if they had experienced a huge loss by not having the pecans and thought they needed some frosting to make them more delicious and feel better about themselves. I’m nice like that.

Surprisingly the applesauce bars turned out great!


photo (8)

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1 Response to RIPecans

  1. sophiebowns says:

    I love pecan nuts! ❤

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