Welcome Back to my House Party

Today I made some Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Raisin Cookies.

I have a couple of friends coming over tonight. One of the friends, I saw fairly recently, and has a birthday this month, and the other has been out of town for a bit, and is now easing back into Los Angeles society. Doesn’t that sound very Jane Austen? 

Lady Estelle has returned from her sojurn in the South and is now paying calls to a select few persons. I’m grateful, and flattered that I’m one of the people she is choosing to see, as I have missed her.

We’re going to have some treats and catch-up. I made the cookies and will probably have some other stuff too. 

This Sat. I’m having more friends come over for “Writing and Tea” which also sounds like a “Sense and Sensibility” action. I think it makes all the differences to have something freshly baked to serve to guests, don’t you?

The only thing I used up before it went bad was the brown sugar. What I didn’t use was eggs! That’s right, an actual eggless recipe, that you can encourage others to eat from the bowl or mixer blades. 


Come ona my house, I’m gonna give you treats!

About cschoenwald

I'm a writer and performer living in Southern California.
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1 Response to Welcome Back to my House Party

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hi Christine !

    Another wonderful read 🙂


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